About Us

Your Laundry, Your Home, Your Choice


At Quality Clothesline we believe that everyone has the choice to improve their lives, and the lives of others one step at a time. The home is a great place to start.

Line drying offers a choice between laundry as a routine chore, or a chance to get outside, save resources, and be intentional about how we choose to live. Skipping the utility powered dryer is one of the simplest, low cost choices individuals can make to reduce their energy and carbon footprint. For this reason, we are a proud dealer of the Sunshine Clothesline, the original rotary umbrella clothesline made in Iowa since 1913.

Hypoallergenic detergents improve human health, and have a smaller environmental footprint. Coming Soon.

Creative aesthetic laundry related crafts and decorations remind us to take a deep breath and enjoy where we are and make wise choices. They are perfect for the home/garden and as gifts. Coming Soon.

We are cautious to choose high quality, low environmental impact, made in the USA products. You can trust our selection of products for your home, or as useful gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

Mother and boy enjoying the sunshine while hanging laundry.