deluxe 14-foot umbrella rotary clothesline

Deluxe 14FT Sunshine Clothesline, Outdoor Umbrella Clothes Dryer

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Lighten your load with Sunshine Clothesline

Quality, consistency, and durability are hallmarks of this product that has been manufactured in Iowa for over 100 years. The basic design hasn’t changed, but improvements and new features have made the clothesline more durable and even easier to use. Features of the Deluxe 14 Ft model include:

  • 183' of line space holds multiple washer loads. Up to 4 king size sheets fit on the top rope.
  • Unlike simple clotheslines, your entire yard is yours at a moment’s notice with the Sunshine Clothesline. A quick release lever allows the arms to fold vertically creating a low profile shape, and the unit slides in and out of the ground socket for completely unrestricted yard space.
  • The freely rotating design pivots in the breeze allowing the sun and airflow to reach more surfaces of your clothing - drying your clothes faster than simple line dryers while maximizing the natural disinfecting action of sunlight.
  • Sunshine Clothesline dried laundry provides a naturally fresh scent. Perfect for those who are allergic to detergent perfumes.
  • The rotating design allows you to pivot the unit so you can hang or remove your laundry from one convenient location.
  • Ships to you fully roped for simple, no tools required assembly.
  • The rust free PVC ground socket with removable cap installs with a a simple garden shovel to create a secure low profile base that stays free of debris and can be mowed over when not in use.
  • 3/16" diameter UV resistant polyethylene rope lasts for years.
  • Four 7' arms made from straight grain Radaita Pine are double coated in low VOC enamel paint for extra durability and low environmental impact.
  • Free delivery shipped direct to you via FedEx or Spee Dee Delivery.